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Egg Donation: Therapeutic process
ProCrea offers to its patients a 360 degree support for the diagnostic and therapeutic process in the cases where oocyte donation is indicated.

ProCrea by joining in the international network of Next Clinics gives us the possibility to offer our patients a complete and controlled oocyte donation service in collaboration with the Imer Center in Valencia, which is also a member of Next Clinics. This step provides a continuous and constant improvement to control better the female donor’s stimulation and provides also the opportunity to fertilize directly the obtained oocytes with the sperm of the partner or male donor. The developed blastocysts will be cryopreserved to program better the embryo transfer at the appropriate time for the patient. This final embryo transfer will be carried out at the Le Betulle partner center in Appiano Gentile (Como – Italy) and thanks to its proximity to our headquarters in Lugano, we are able to assist our couples with every step.

To protect the persons involved, the standard provides secrecy and mutual anonymity.

Access and procedure of egg donation
The indications for an egg donation are:
- Depletion of the ovarian function;
- Early physiological menopause;
- Surgical menopause (removal of the ovaries);
- Genetic diseases transmittable to offspring;
- Repeated failures with other assisted fertilization techniques;
- Repeated failures of embryo implantation;
- Endometriosis.

The procedure of egg donation in three parts:

The donated oocytes are fertilized by means of IVF-ET ICSI (in each ovum an appropriately selected spermatozoon of the partner or donor is injected) and the obtained blastocysts will be cryopreserved to carry out the embryo transfer at the ideal time for the receiving patient.

Endometrial preparation for the receiving patient to transfer the embryos.

Transfer of the embryos into the receiver’s uterus takes place in an outpatient procedure that does not require anaesthesia or hospitalization. The number of embryos to be transferred will be decided by the doctors in agreement with the couple.

ProCrea, the knowledge of professionalism
All donors of the oocytes are submitted for specific examinations and psychological tests to verify and exclude genetic diseases, hereditary and transmissible infections. The collected information are including the phenotypic and psychological characteristics of the donors, so that the responsible doctors are able to select the highest possible phenotypic agreement with the receiving patient.

The results of egg donation are statistically high: since oocytes can be used by young women in prime health, the success rates at first attempt are about 60% on average.

The Procrea staff are available for any additional information about oocyte donation.

The ProCrea Oocyte Donation Team

The Oocyte Donation Team is composed of physicians and biologists, specialized in the physiopathology of reproduction, offering the highest level of skills and knowledge.

Furthermore, a team of assistants and nurses, working with the physicians, guarantees 24/7 assistance to the couples and facilitates their positive participation in the diagnostic and therapeutic procedure of oocyte donation.




Iride Zanotti is the patient coordinator for egg donation and responsible person for the egg donation team at ProCrea. Iride, Carmen and Tanja will be at your side throughout the whole procedure at ProCrea and Betulle Center and are at your complete disposal for:

1. Administrative support of patients in the field of egg donation therapy;
2. Search and selection of the compatible donor;
3. Coordination with the doctors to update constantly the donor’s stimulation, confirmation of the result of the egg retrieval as well as communication concerning the number of obtained blastocysts and date of their arrival in Italy;
4. The team also supports and accompanies you in the center of “Le Betulle”.

Contact of ProCrea Oocyte donation team
Team administration:

Iride : Tel. +41 91 924 55 26 – e-mail: iride.zanotti@procrea.ch
Tanja: Tel. +41 91 924 55 63 – e-mail: tanja.hutter@procrea.ch
Carmen: Tel. +41 91 924 55 51 – e-mail: carmen.anderegg@procrea.ch

Each patient has a support of a medical team:
e-mail: ovodonazione@procrea.ch
Direct phone number and e-mail will be indicated on the personal “carta rosa”.

COSTS FOR EGG DONATION THERAPY: Euro 9'500.- (2 blastocysts guaranteed*)
What is included:

1. Patient files
2. Analysis, preparation of the semen and transport to the Imer center at Valencia
3. Searching and selection of the donor through the Imer center of Valencia
4. Screening and medications during the stimulation of the female donor.
5. Oocyte collection from the female donor with a direct fertilization with the semen of partner. In case of a double donation: Extra cost Euro 500.- for the male donor
6. Vitrification of the obtained blastocysts
7. Transport of the blastocysts with a safety-certified courier to our partner clinic Le Betulle at Appiano Gentile (Como) in Italy
8. Screening and hormonal collection during the endometrial preparation of the recipient (if carried out at ProCrea)
9. Embryo transfer in our partner clinic Le Betulle at Appiano Gentile (Como) in Italy
10. First blood collection and determination of the BetaHCG level (hormone that indicates pregnancy) if carried out at ProCrea Lugano

What is not included:
- Woman: trial transfer + hydrosone, diagnostic tests and medications
- Man: semen analysis, cryopreservation of the semen, diagnostic exams
- Genetic test Matching between female donor and partner/male donor

Any further thawing cycle and transfer of the cryopreserved embryos, Euro 2'000.- each attempt.

*Guaranteed blastocysts: the amount of 1 or 2 blastocysts will be guaranteed based on the parameter of the semen analysis. For an egg and semen donation we guarantee always two blastocysts. In case of a development of more than two blastocysts; they are property of the couple.

The Procrea team is available for any additional information about the procedure of oocyte donation. .


"Many thanks to ProCrea and to the staff of Dr Bellavia. You will always be in my heart."

I have been treated at ProCrea. Mine was not an easy procedure because I have a few problems, but thanks to constant consultations with the doctor and her recommendations, I had the courage to continue. I was lucky, everything went well and I am now the mother of a beautiful baby boy. I was treated by Dr Bellavia, whom I had met last year during an outreach day that ProCrea organises monthly, I believe, and I decided to set up an appointment. On that day, when I met with her after the presentation, she talked to me about endometriosis, which was my problem. The path of those who choose assisted fertilisation is very often not an easy one. I have experienced it myself, but I can guarantee you that ProCrea is the right Center, where you are going to be treated and given answers to all your questions and concerns. Again, many thanks to ProCrea and to the team of Dr Bellavia. You will always be in my heart.

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“Based on my experience, I can only say thanks to Dr Bellavia”.

I had a couple of failures at an Italian Center, therefore I understand the feelings of those who did not have a good experience, especially when you have a doctor who, after you completed the process (for which you paid), gets rid of you quickly by saying “It's your fault for waiting”. My husband and I did not give up and following the advice of friends with similar problems, we came to ProCrea. We made sacrifices to pay the extra, but finally we succeeded, although not on our first attempt. Based on my experience, I can only say thank you to Dr Bellavia. In Italy, I was not as closely followed as I have been at ProCrea. Good luck and do not ever give up!

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"After many negative outcomes, I decided to try with ProCrea"

Hello, I would like to tell you about my experience at ProCrea with the hope it will be encouraging to you. After being treated in Italy at two different Centers and after several negative outcomes, I decided to go to ProCrea. I did the oocyte donation with Dr Bellavia and finally we obtained the outcome we had been anxiously waiting for. Any time I had some concerns (which happened often), I called the doctor and she was always very kind and always fully answered my questions. I encourage you not to give up because if I had, I would not be pregnant now. Good luck.

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"At the first attempt at the Center, I became pregnant with twins"

After 10 years of unsuccessful treatments between Icsi and Fivet, at two prestigious hospitals in Northern Italy, and after so much pain and frustration, I went to the ProCrea Center, as my last attempt, this time to try a different therapy: oocyte donation. I am not young, I am 45 years old, but at the first attempt at the Center I became pregnant with twins, now I am in the third month of pregnancy and the babies are growing well, thank God. I am so thankful to Dr Bellavia, her team and all the professionals at the ProCrea Center for giving me the support that I needed every time but mostly for helping my husband and me to finally achieve this wonderful dream!

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Assisted fertilisation, the first babies born from oocyte donation with ProCrea
Two Italian twins made a young couple's dream of being parents come true. «Oocyte donation helps women to overcome even severe infertility problems», explains the ProCrea Medical reproduction Center in Lugano.

The first children from oocyte donation have been born thanks to the ProCrea Medical Reproduction Center. These are two beautiful twins, a girl and a boy, of Italian nationality. The parents, who had been wanting a pregnancy for a long time and had many failed attempts, approached ProCrea. «They came here in the summer of 2014», recalls Michael Jemec, Medical Director of ProCrea in Lugano. «Even though the woman was in a quite difficult situation, and considering her not particularly advanced age, we proceeded with a first treatment with the Fivet technique. Unfortunately this approach was unsuccessful. Repeating the same procedure would not have resulted in a positive outcome, so in March 2015 we proposed to do the oocyte donation. They accepted and we started the procedure».

The search for a donor, based on specific traits of the future mother, generated good results in a short period of time. Therefore, within a few months, it was possible to initiate the entire process: from the stimulation with the collection of the ova from the donor up to the activation of their fertilisation with the sperm of the woman's partner and the implantation of the embryo. «It all worked out well. And at the beginning of April, the woman delivered beautiful twins. The boy weighed 2.5 kg, the girl a little less,2.45. They are both in good health, as is their mother, continued Jemec. «An incredible joy for the couple, but also for us. The commitment of our staff, thanks to international partnership with selected facilities, has led to the realisation of their dream. For ProCrea, these twins are the first babies born with oocyte donation, a technique that can solve even serious female infertility problems».

For one woman out of ten, with infertility problems, oocyte donation is the only path to pregnancy and motherhood. «It is not an insignificant procedure», adds the ProCrea specialist «Having children, for some women, is a very natural path while others have to overcome many obstacles. Oocyte donation is the path that in some situations allows couples to realise a dream. The dream of a lifetime». Oocyte donation is a heterologous-type assisted fertilisation technique involving the donation of oocytes from one woman to another in order to overcome infertility situations.

«It is a programme that starts only after many in depth exams and after diagnosing problems that are not solvable in any other way», explains Jemec.

«Oocyte donation is applicable for situations of no ovarian functionality, advanced endometriosis and early physiological or surgical menopause. In this case, we are facing a situation that involves a repeated number of failures using assisted procreation techniques: a situation of infertility of a couple that did not show any apparent cause: the age was not particularly advanced, the male parameters were strong, but the female showed difficulties in fertilising the oocyte. Resorting to a donor allowed the couple to realise their dream».

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